Gun Mayhem

Gun Mayhem is an exceedingly terrible flash format shooting game, which is also an arena-style game. In Gun mayhem, you need to shoot against AI and try to be the arena’s leading player, kicking all the other opponents out of the stadium, and you become the only master.

Gun mayhem’s game operations

In Gun mayhem, before entering the game, you can choose or even customize your characters, including styles of clothing, pistols, and other aspects; Different collocation contents may affect the exertion of skills. In this area, you can move in the direction through the direction keys and then jump with the help of the up key. Moreover, the& key can help you carry out attack operations, use your weapons, and attack your opponents from above the stage.

Gun mayhem’s game features

In Gun mayhem, you can make character self-control for your character. Secondly, there will be all kinds of weapons waiting for you to choose shotguns, machine guns, etc. The game is bound to be fierce, so your only task is to get all the enemies down, kick them out of the arena and become the single protagonist on the field. If you get a reward during this period, it may increase your speed or reduce your recoil. You can use the hunting method to target the hands. But in any case, all surprises will have to be revealed by yourself.

Gun Mayhem is an exciting arena game. You can fight with the system or your friends, use multiple weapons in the game, kill everyone else, and try to be the last to stand up.  Wormax, which is also a multi-player competition, needs your precise control so that snakes can eat food continuously to make them grow bigger and longer.  In the process of moving, it is necessary to prevent the opponent’s attack, because once hit, it will fail.

Blitz is the first choice for casual games, which is a gem elimination game.  This test is your observation and reaction power. Move the gem and join it into a company to eliminate it, and you will get a score.  Of course, you must pay attention to completing the given score within the given time.  Second, you can choose bad ice cream 3, which is a game of collecting fruits against Ice Monster. It would be best if you avoided Ice Monster. If you are met by it, your trip to the competition will fail.  Or choose to play crazy taxi, which is a driving operation game. It would be best if you let the car jump over obstacles. Once you hit it, you will waste your time and may miss the chance to reach the destination on time.